Zupreem Timothy Naturals Timothy Hay 14oz
Size: 14 oz Timothy Naturals Timothy Hay is wholesome, sun-cured hay and a great choice for healthy digestion for your small pet. Feeding Directions:Feed free choice and make sure your pet has ample amounts of hay each day. The amount offered...
Dhs. 26.00
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HVT PremiumSpan Bedding - Natural
Quality wood shavings produced in Germany. Ideal bedding for rodents, ferrets and reptiles
from Dhs. 24.00
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Premium Alpine Hay with Carrot & Dandelion 1kg
Size: 1 KG First cutting hay dried in fields. Contains legumes, including carrot 4% and dandelion 2%. Harvested in the Alps. Weight: 1 kg Made in France. To be given daily to your animal.
Dhs. 30.00
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Baldo 140 Rabbit Cage
Large cage offered with colored base and large mesh wire mesh. Equipped with double side safety closure. Capacity and Benefits: - Dimensions : 138 x 69 x 52 (H) cm. - Supplied with accessories to make a complete set. - High-quality item...
Dhs. 470.00
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Kleo VIP Hamster Box
Habitats completely made of plastic for the total satisfaction of our small rodents; MPS 2 offers many possible customizations without ever having to forgo easy assembly and cleaning. To complete the range, a series of ATRIO drinkers, always colorful and...
Dhs. 148.00
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Rody 3 Solo Rodent Cage - Blue
Size: 28 cm Small animals cages. The concept is to connect the cages so that kids can have fun imagining their own universe. We also propose a furniture unique on the market to combine the cages and see the animal moving...
Dhs. 171.00
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Neo Jili Bird Cage - Beige
Size: 78 cm Trendy cage for domestic birds designed on wooden feet. Large opening on the top and on the front to easily catch the animal. Finishing touches: solid wooden legs and "NEO by ZOLUX" is engraved on the first level....
Dhs. 588.00
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Rodent Water Feeder - GREY 250ML
Size: 250 ml Top-fill bottle for all small animals . Easy to fill without taking it out from the cage. 8 different positions to fit every cage, locking system. Color perfectly fits with ZOLUX Neo cages. Equipped with anti-drop balls to...
Dhs. 44.00
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